Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cara Update "Patch" Manual RF Online

Hello Patriot RF,

Patriot RF current is able to manually download the latest update patch for RF Online: Golden Mystery
Patriot RF can follow the steps below:

1. Download file
2. Copy the file into the folder RF Online.
3. Extract the files contained in folders into RF Online.

Please Patriot RF extract process is done at RF Online update: Golden Mystery implemented, which is on January 20, 2010. If the Patriot RF extract proceed before the date of the update, the Patriot can not play RF Online RF Legend of Elven Today.

Here is a Tutorial Manual Patch Golden Mystery:
2. If no option like this, select Save File and click OK.

3. After that it will appear on your desktop icon as shown below
(depending on the location where you save the download to you).

4. After that you right click on the icon and select the Copy option as shown below.

5. Then paste on your RF Online folder. To go into Folder RF, can you do with the way: right click on the icon that RF Online is your desktop and select Properties option.

6. And after the image appears as below, click on Find Target option.

7. Then you will enter your RF folder, then right-click an empty area (do not click on any icons) and choose the option Paste or press CTRL and V keys on your keyboard.

8. After that you right click on the icon and select Extract Here option as shown below.

9. After confirmation notice will appear to replace the old files with new files, then choose Yes to All, as pictured below.

10. Then click 2x rflauncher.exe that is in your RF folder, after the message OK, and then press ENTER.

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